Let's face it, owning a horse is a big commitment.


To help families considering whether horse ownership is right for them, we are offering a shared use learning program with our miniature horses to create a low cost, low commitment way for your child to continue gaining hands-on experience with horses.


Students are able to sign up for a specific day each week to come to the farm to work with their horse.  This provides families a great way to experience the fun of owning a horse without requiring them to sign on to the full responsibilities and long-term commitment and costs of actual horse ownership.

Shared use is a wonderful option for those who:

•    love horses but do not have a way to keep or care for a horse themselves

•    have limited time & availability

•    are looking for a cost effective way to gain more hands-on horse experience

•    are looking to learn the basics of horse care and handling

•    are wanting to practice horse handling skills in an informal atmosphere

•    are interested in eventually purchasing a horse but would like to learn what ownership entails

•    are wanting to evaluate a child’s level of interest and long term commitment to horsemanship


Sharing one of our miniature horses will provide you with an opportunity to enjoy one of our horses on a set day of the week. During your scheduled day, you can visit the stable, groom, exercise, work with, and care for the horse as if it were your own.  You will be able to have your own horse on a trial basis without the expense or responsibility of providing feed, boarding, veterinary care, or farrier services.


If you think our shared use program might be right for you and your child, please contact us to receive more information.