Horse Camp FAQ

Whether this is your first summer at Talariah Stables or you have a returning camper, you may find you have a few questions about our program.  Hopefully we can answer those below, but for any questions left unanswered, please feel free to email us.

Q: Where is the Barn Buddies Camp?
A: Barn Buddies and Paddock Pals have merged

We have found that our curriculum for these two camps were quite similar.   This summer we will be taking the best from both programs and blending them together to provide a new twist on a great camp.

Q: What if my child is older or younger than the camp I want to sign up for?
A: The age brackets are somewhat flexible for most camps

Our curriculum is designed for children between the ages of 6-10. Registering a child that is a year or so older than the suggested ages is ok, as long as you realize and are ok with the fact that he/she will likely be the oldest camper in that session and some of the materials/activities might feel "young". 


If you'd like to register a child who is younger than the suggested age bracket, please contact us to discuss the circumstances.


For safety reasons, all Little Boots Campers must be at least 4 years old.  


Q:  "Do I need to stay with my child?"
A:  That depends.  :-)

If your child is registered in a Little Boots camp, Yes, please, definitely stay!  Our Little Boots campers need to be accompanied by a grown up.  While our horses are little, they are still very much horses, and your assistance will be essential to ensuring this is a safe and fun experience for your child. It is only with the support of our parents that we can open up the camp to kids ages 6 and under. :-)


If your child is registered for one of our other miniature horse camps, then we leave that decision up to you.  You are welcome to stay for as much or as little of camp as you like!  Maybe your child just needs a few minutes of parental reassurance in a new setting.  Maybe you'll want to stay for the whole time.  Either works for us.  If you do stay, don't be surprised if we put you to work right along with the rest of us! ;-)


Also, if you will be staying with your child for camp, let us know when you arrive and we will direct you to an appropriate parking spot for your car.

Q:  "Can I bring a younger or older sibling along with us to watch?"
A:  In most cases, it is best to find alternate care.

Each situation is different, and will depend on the age of the sibling and the camp your child is registered for.  We will leave this up to your judgment, but if the sibling is 'camp aged' we strongly advise against it based on some of our experiences in the past.


If your child is registered for a Little Boots camp we must ask that siblings do NOT attend.  This has been a very difficult decision for us because we love to share the horses with everyone, but we are asking that families find an alternate option/sitter for siblings during the Little Boots camps.   While the minis are very gentle, they are still horses, and can have horse temperaments. Your child will need your undivided attention and support during this camp. It is only with the added supervision of our parents that we can open this camp up to kids 6 and under.   Thank you so much for your understanding.

Q: "What should my child wear & bring?"
A:  Boots, Appropriate Clothing, Water bottles, & any personal safety items

ALL Campers AND Adults MUST wear boots or closed toe shoes. Toes are easily stepped on and we want to protect yours.  


The weather is likely to get warm so everyone should plan to dress accordingly.  Long pants or shorts are both fine.  And while we will have shade for most activities, sunscreen never hurts either.


You should plan to bring a water bottle. Staying well hydrated is important!


If your child has allergic reactions, particularly to bee stings, please be sure that any necessary supplies are on site.  We do have a lot of wasps around the farm and a couple children did get stung last summer.  If this is a known concern for your child, we will want to be sure to be well prepared in advance. 

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