Miniature Horses at Talariah Stables FAQ

Whether this is your first summer at Talariah Stables or you have attended a prior event with us, you may find you have a few questions about our program.  Hopefully we can answer those below, but for any questions left unanswered, please feel free to email us.

Q: are you offering any Camps in 2022?
A: Not this year

Our sessions this summer are all lesson based. 


This means that rather than having to adhere to a specific camp schedule, families are free to pick and choose that dates/times throughout the summer that will work best for your own calendar.  

Q: What if my child is older than 7 or younger than 4 years old, but we would still like to participate?
A: Please email or call us. 

We will work with families on a case by case basis to try to include as many children as would like to be here. Other barns in our area may offer programs more appropriate for an older child.  Let's talk. If your child is older than our suggested age range, we may be able to work something out, but would like to know more about your child and your family's needs.  Our curriculum is designed for children between the ages of 4-7. In the group setting it really helps us to be able to stay close to this age range as possible so that the lesson is relevant for the whole group.

For safety reasons, all children  must be at least 4 years old to participate in a group lesson.  If your child is younger than 4 years old, we may want to consider scheduling a private session to allow us to better address your child's needs and developmental level.

Q:  "Do I need to stay with my child?"
A:  Yes, please  :-)

All children need to be accompanied by a grown up.  While our horses are little, they are still very much horses, and your assistance will be essential to ensuring this is a safe and fun experience for your child. We will have limited staffing on site this summer, so It is only with the support of our parents that we can open up these lesson sessions to the younger children.

Q:  "Can I bring a younger or older sibling along with us to watch?"
A:  In most cases, it is best to find alternate care.

This has been a very difficult decision for us because we love to share the horses with everyone, but we are asking that families find an alternate option/sitter for siblings during lessons.


Each situation is different, and may depend on the age of the sibling. If the sibling is under 12 years old we ask that you find alternate care during your lesson time.  


While the minis are very gentle, they are still horses, and can have horse temperaments. Your child will need your undivided attention and support during this lesson. It is only with the added supervision of our parents that we can offer these lessons to children ages 7 and under.   Thank you so much for your understanding.

Q:  Will my child be learning to ride
A:  No,  Our beginning horsemanship lessons will not be riding lessons. 

Your child will be working with miniature horses while at our farm.  Typically, miniatures are not considered "riding horses". 

Lesson topics will vary each session, but will include topics such as:

  • Horse safety

  • Caring for your horse

  • Thinking like a horse

  • Catching & Leading

  • Grooming

  • Stable care

  • Horse tack basics

  • Controlling your horse

  • Hoof care and more

Q: "What should my child wear & bring?"
A:  Boots, Appropriate Clothing, Water bottles, & any personal safety items

ALL children AND adults MUST wear boots or closed toe shoes. Toes are easily stepped on and we want to protect yours.  


The weather is likely to get warm so everyone should plan to dress accordingly.  Long pants or shorts are both fine.  And while we will have shade for most activities, sunscreen never hurts either.


You should plan to bring a water bottle. Staying well hydrated is important!


If your child has allergic reactions, particularly to bee stings, please be sure that any necessary supplies are on site.  We do have a lot of wasps around the farm and a couple children did get stung last summer.  If this is a known concern for your child, we will want to be sure to be well prepared in advance. 

Q: "Where are you located?"
A:  BEHIND Martin Airfield in College Place

Our address is 397 Martin Field Lane, Wala Walla

Getting to our farm is a bit tricky and sometimes confusing because you cannot see it from the road. 

From College Avenue, travel west on Whitman street until you see the entrance to Martin Airfield.  Enter the airport parking lot and drive all the way through (past the mailboxes, & 2 houses on your left) and follow the road way behind the airport buildings.  

Once you come behind the buildings you will see our barns and paddocks ahead of you .  Stay to the left and drive past the riding arena on your left.  You can park in the grassy area on the left just past the arena and walk back to the barn for your lesson.

If in doubt give us a call/text: 509-301-0111