2019 Horse Camp Details


Returning in 2019!
Saddle Slingers
(Beginning Horseback Riding - 3 day camp)
(Ages 10-18)             $195 



      June 16-18 (Sun-Tues),  8:00 am-12 noon  (completed)

      June 19-21 (Weds-Fri),  8:00 am-12 noon   (completed)

Special, 3-day, extended hour session,

with our returning guest instructor, Norma Angele


This beginner level camp is designed for older students ages 10-18

who are ready to spend more time on horseback. Students in this session will have additional opportunities to climb aboard our full size horses, gaining experience riding bareback and with a saddle.  Students will focus on developing proper balance, learning rein management, understanding leg and rein cues, and practicing preventative and emergency safety procedures while riding. 


Additionally, our beginner horseback riding students will practice a variety of foundational groundwork skills such as how to safely catch, halter, lead, tie, groom, and control the horse.  Students will work with both miniature and full size horses each day.

*Hypoallergenic Curly horses will be available for use this session. If your child has equine allergies or dander sensitivities please contact us for more information.

Paddock Pals Mini Horse Camps
(Ages 6-10)                    $130


     June 24-27 (Mon -Thurs), 10:30 am - 12:30 pm (completed)

     July 1-4 (Mon -Thurs), 8:00 am - 10:00 am  (full)

     July 1-4 (Mon -Thurs), 10:30 am - 12:30 pm  (full)

     July 8-11 (Mon -Thurs), 8:00 am - 10:00 am   (full)

     July 8-11 (Mon -Thurs), 10:30 am - 12:30 pm  (full)

This 4-day camp helps to lay the foundation for beginning horsemanship and horse safety skills. It is designed for both our first time campers as well as our returning campers who could use a bit of practice refining previously learned skills.


Children will work with a partner catching, haltering, leading, tying and grooming their miniature horses.  Kids will also learn about basic care and stable management as well as horse facts, horse communication, and herd behaviors.  


As the week progresses campers will practice their skills in basic horse management, controlling their horse, and learn about horse health, conformation, a horse's tack & equipment, and will receive an introduction to driving/carting with a miniature horse.


During the week, campers will also have an opportunity to climb aboard a full size horse or pony, for a short horseback ride.


All campers will make a keepsake horseshoe craft to take home with them.

Little Boots Mini Horse Camp (Ages 4-6)  $65



    June 24 & 26(Mon/Weds), 1:30-3:00 pm  (completed)

    June 25 & 27 (Tues/Thurs), 1:30-3:00 pm (completed)

    July 1 & 3 (Mon/Weds), 1:30-3:00 pm  (full)

    July 2 & 4 (Tues/Thurs), 1:30-3:00 pm  (3 spots left)

This 2-day camp is specially designed with our youngest campers in mind. Each child and their accompanying grown-up will have their own horse to care for. Campers will learn how to halter, tie, lead, and groom their horses.  On the second day, campers will also have an opportunity to receive a lead-line horseback ride on a full size horse or pony. 


All campers will make a keepsake horseshoe craft to take home with them.

**Please plan to make alternate care arrangements for any siblings, as your Little Boots camper will need your undivided attention while working with the horses.

Private Riding Lessons
(All ages)                    $40/hr or $25/half hr


     By appointment only

Camps are amazing, but every summer we also find families looking for a bit more.  If you'd like an opportunity to extend your horse experiences this summer  email us,  to learn more about our private lesson options.   You can also reach us via text: (509) 301-0111