Highlights from our 2015 Camps


Telling Tahoe Good Morning

Practice carting with Gizmo

Finding their inner artists

Hanging out with Tahoe

On board with Gus

Getting ready to roll out with Rika & Gizmo

Grooming Mystique

Taking a break with Tahoe

Getting some tips in ground driving with Gizmo

Showing off Tahoe

Sitting tall on Gus

You've got this one!

Putting the finishing touches on her horseshoe

Taking Charge with Gus

Supervising a snack with Mokeeé

Working on their horseshoes

The Wednesday morning line up

Stepping on up

Having a little conversation with Gizmo

Ready to ride

A clean barn is a beautiful barn

Looking good up there on Gus

Hanging out with Ellee

Giving Tahoe a little treat

Picture time with Mokeeé

Giving Gimli a little love

Helmets on & ready to go

Learning all about what a horse eats

Spending some quality time with Mystique

There's nothing like a new friend, right?

Taking Mystique for a little walk

Everything is better when you have a friend with you.

Testing out the obstacles with a little help from mom.

Taking Ellee through the poles

These girls know how to ride in style

You and Gimli look great together.

Watching out for Mokeeé on the obstacle course.

Follow Rika, Shay & Lilly to the poo pile.

Time for a little grooming

Pause for a pic with Ivy

Guides Gimli over the poles

Helping to keep our stall clean & tidy.

These girls make everything more fun & help us keep everything on schedule

Brushing Gimli's tail

Bringing Pippin over the jumps

Practicing with a bridle

Definitely a hot & dusty walk

Helping the kids get treats for the horses

Tater Tot loves this time of day!

The finished products

Looking good up there

Getting some Artwork from Angie

Heading back to the barn

Finishing up our photos

Hey, you're pretty good with that curry comb!

We have the best barn helpers!

Getting ready for bath time with Mystique

Looks like you & Pippin are getting along famously.

She's a work of art.

Picture time with Mystique

Showing off Tahoe's wild hairdo.

You & Gus look great together!

We were so proud of you! You did great with your ride.

Has another awesome idea in mind.

Getting Mokeeé up & over with no trouble at all.

Giving Mystique a snack break

Love the braids girls!

You look ready to bring Flower home with you!

Heading out for a ride with Rika

Heading back to the barn

Takes Ivy over the Ivy

Loving on Mystique

Keeping Mystique looking her best.

Who needs a horse when you have great kids like these?

Enjoying some independence in her ride

Rika & Lauren giving a lesson on conformation

Trying her hand a ground driving

Working on cinching up a saddle

You and Flower make a great team

Taking a break to visit with Scribbles

Picture perfect

Giving Tater Top a little snack

Grooming Tahoe's tail

Meeting the minis

Up on Gus

Showing Tahoe who's in charge

Brushing out Tater Tot

Getting acquainted with Mystique

Bath time!

Sharing some love with Pippin

Taking a break with Tater Tot

Practicing his hoof picking technique with Ivy (& a little help from Rika)

Traveling in style with Rika

Working her way through the barrels with Mokeeé

Takes Tahoe for a jog around the arena

Loving on Edgar, our resident barn cat

Taking Gizmo through the poles.